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Aichikikai Techno System (Японія)

AGV-system CarryBee

Aichikikai Techno System (Japan)

CarryBee robocars are designed for handling of loads, materials and goods at the production sites and storage facilities.

YUASA (Японія)

Batteries For Eelectro Cars

YUASA (Japan)

GS Yuasa Corporation is a world-famous producer of traction accumulators for folklift electric trucks.

Nitto Kohki (Японія)

Metalworking Tools


NITTO KOHKI is a leading producer of metalworking equipment and professional tools.

KUKEN (Японія)

Pneumatic Tools

KUKEN (Japan)

The legendary company KUKEN Co. Ltd. is the producer of unique pneumatic tools.

VESSEL (Японія)

Professional Hand Tools

VESSEL (Japan)

VESSEL technologies include more than 80 years of traditions and innovations of the leader in production of the tools.

TONE (Японія)

Professional Hand Tools

TONE (Japan)

TONE devices and tools include advanced technologies, strict quality control and unrestrained search.

Burke Industrial Coatings (США)

Liquid Stainless Steel

Burke Industrial Coatings (USA)

Effective period of corrosion resistance of coatings "Liquid Stainless Steel" exceeds 40 years.

Stuc-O-Flex International (США)

Rubber Stucco Finish

Stuc-O-Flex International (USA)

None of the other companies offers a wider range of acrylic elastic coatings for walls.

AGV-system CarryBee

Aichikikai Techno System is Nissan subsidiary company, which produces engines and transmission systems for cars in this group.
Another important activity of Aichikikai is production of automatically guided vehicles and logistic systems (AGV) for production and storage facilities. These robocars (more common name AGV-products) are produced under the brand CarryBee. They are designed for handling of loads, materials or goods in the production process or storage facilities. Handling on the route is programmed at the electronic control units and adjusted using the magnetic strip on the floor of the room or using laser.
Robocars are used as wagons, truck-tractors and folk-lift trucks. They work without operator assistance 24 hours a day and can be charged independently and they even can replace the battery.
As a rule, AGV-systems CarryBee are repaid within 1-2 years, providing further significant savings. In addition, they allow optimizing logistic operations.
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YUASA Traction Batteries 

The company UA TRADE INTERMEDIARY is the representative of Japanese company GS Yuasa Corporation - producer of traction accumulator batteries to folklift electric trucks in Ukraine.
Production of drive batteries YUASA is based on using of the latest technologies and provides excellent quality.
Products of this company include 70% of the market in Japan and brand YUASA is well known in the whole world.
GS Yuasa Corporation products are supplied as separate modules of different nominal with the set of connecting devices and wires according to JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) international standard. At the request of the customer, modules can be composed into complete accumulator and placed into a metal case.
YUASA drive batteries are available for all brand marks of Japanese electric loaders, as well as for producers of such equipment from other countries in South-Eastern Asia that use JIS standard.
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We represent the world's leading producer of NITTO KOHKI professional pneumatic and electric tools and metalworking machinery in Ukraine.

The company range of products includes magnetic drilling machines, crown drills, press perforating machines, beveling machines, polishing tools, pneumatic drills, spring balancers, Delvo electric screwdrivers, Medo compressors and others.

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KUKEN Tools 


The company KUKEN Co. Ltd. is the legendary producer of pneumatic tools. It uses the latest innovative technologies for creation of products which are unique for today in the whole world.

In particular, among the latest achievements of KUKEN there is a computerized screwdriver of PTS series with fine adjustment of the rotation moment.

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VESSEL Hand Tools

Everyone can be a professional! This is the slogan of VESSEL company. Under this slogan the optimal hand tools in terms of consumer are created. VESSEL technologies, which are based on more than 80 years of traditions and innovations, make the company one of the leaders in production of tools in Japan and in the whole world.

VESSEL produces unique tools: screwdrivers with ratchet, high precision screwdrivers, pin drivers, hammers, industrial knives and cutters, etc.

VESSEL engineers spend much time on development of new generation tools, putting into their work experience and skills accumulated by the company during many years.

The company's products include 3 main segments: hand tools, industrial bits and pneumatic tools.

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TONE Hand Tools


TONE products include advanced technologies, strict quality control and spirit of unrestrained creative search. TONE develops and implements new opportunities, producing the following mounting devices and production tools:

— Electric screwdrivers with control of rotation moment based on the best electronic technologies

— Functional wrenches with beautiful design and replaceable nozzles

— Created on the basis of titanium alloy, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals (which are rarely used in the ordinary products) tools help where the usual tools cannot be used

TONE produces hand bench tools (wrenches, drive sockets, ratchet, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers) tool sets, trolleys with tools for car service centers, torque tools (electronic torque wrenches, torque wrenches for drive socket, adjustable torque wrenches, device for rotation moment check of torque wrenches), mechanical torque moment amplifiers (moment multipliers), electric wrenches with rotation moment setting.

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Liquid Stainless Steel

The company UKRAINIAN TRADE INTERMEDIARY represents in Ukraine the producer of anti-corrosion coating "Liquid Stainless Steel" of Burke Industrial Coatings (USA) company, which is the division of SPEC Co. Ltd. (Japan).
Since 1948 the company Burke Industrial Coatings specializes in design and creation of coating systems, primarily in engineering for producers of finished equipment, machinery, vehicles, etc.
Most technologies are concentrated on water-based products using 316L stainless steel flakes as a base material. The unique properties of this material allowed the company to create the main coating in the product line "Superlife 316®. Liquid Stainless Steel" (U.S. Patent № 4,444,937).
As stainless steel is an inert material, coatings based on it have exceptional corrosion and chemical resistance and excellent weather resistance and friction resistance. Coating "Liquid Stainless Steel" has the highest lifetime in the most extreme operating conditions among other anti-corrosion coatings. Effective period of its corrosion resistance exceeds 40 years.
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Rubber Stucco Finish

The company UKRAINIAN TRADE INTERMEDIARY is the representative in Ukraine of Japanese company SPEC Co. Ltd., producer of materials and coatings for vertical walls.
The company Stuc-O-Flex International (USA), owned by SPEC Co. Ltd., created the first in the construction industry air-breathable highly elastic acrylic coating in 1983. Later researches were in the field of creation of protective rainscreen of vertical walls, plaster, stone, external insulation systems, external casing of buildings. These were unprecedented materials for that time.
Stuc-O-Flex International products are out of competition today. None of the companies offers a wider range of materials and configuration options for wall decoration.
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The company UA TRADE INTERMEDIARY started its activity in 2002 as a company for repair and sale of different types of freight facilities of such popular brands as Linde, Toyota, JCB, Manitou, Jungheinrich, Still, Nissan, Hyster, Yale, CAT and Bobcat.

Since then, this area is a priority for the company. During half of a decade new activities and new business partners were added to it. Today we represent the world famous companies Nitto Kohki (Japan), GS YUASA (Japan), Tone (Japan), Vessel (Japan), SPEC Co. Ltd (Japan), Aichikikai Techno System (Japan), Kuken (Japan) and Rotax (Austria) in Ukraine.